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And last is the Branch of Stability. The departments under this branch of government, with their individual paradigms, are as follows:
  1. Government
    1. General Staff
      Chapter-67 (The Kingdom) [Al-Mulk]
    2. Religious Representatives
      Chapter-62 (The Congregation) [Al-Jumu'ah]
    3. Ethnic Representatives
      Chapter-33 (The Allied Troops) [Al-Ahzab]
    4. Inter-Tribal/Religious Ambassadors
      Chapter-77 ( The Emissaries) [Al-Mursalat]
  2. Classification of Legal Entities
    1. Men
      Chapter-114 (Men) [An-Nas]
    2. Women
      Chapter-4 (The Women) [An-Nisa]
    3. Businesses
      Chapter-35 (The Originator) [Al-Fatir]
    4. Non-Human individuals
      Chapter-72 (The Jinns) [Al-Jinn]
  3. Infrastructure
    1. Historical Archives
      Chapter-34 (Sheba) [Al-Saba']
    2. Accounting
      Chapter-17 (The Children of Israel) [Bani Isra'il]
    3. Morality
      Chapter-3 (The Family of Imran) [Al-'Imran]
    4. Administration
      Chapter-30 (The Romans) [Ar-Rum]
    5. Community Service
      Chapter-106 (The Quraish) [Al-Quraish]
  4. Police
    1. Good Citizen
      Chapter-40 (The Believer) [Al-Mu'min]
    2. Citizens Who Call for Reform
      Chapter-58 (The Disputant) [Al-Mujadilah]
    3. Immigrants
      Chapter-73 (The Enwrapped) [Al-Muzzammil]
    4. Victims
      Chapter-74 (The Enfolded) [Al-Muddaththir]
    5. Criminals
      Chapter-104 (The Slanderer) [Al-Humazah]
  5. Elective Cycle
    1. Those with Authority
      Chapter-21 (The Prophets) [Al-Anbiya']
    2. Citizens
      Chapter-23 (The True Believers) [Al-Mu'minun]
    3. Those Dependant on Others
      Chapter-60 (The Woman Tried) [Al-Mumtahanah]
    4. Prisoners
      Chapter-63 (The Hypocrites) [Al-Munafiqun]
    5. Slaves
      Chapter-109 (The Unbelievers) [Al-Kafirun]
  6. Marketing
    1. Repentance
      Chapter-10 (Jonah) [Yunus]
    2. Oneness of Allah
      Chapter-11 (Hud) [Hud]
    3. Obedience-12 (Joseph) [Yusuf]
    4. Prayers of Request
      Chapter-14 (Abraham) [Ibrahim]
    5. Refuge
      Chapter-19 (Mary) [Maryam]
    6. Teaching
      Chapter-31 (Luqman) [Luqman]
    7. Faith and Action
      Chapter-47 (Muhammad) [Muhammad]
    8. Warning
      Chapter-71 (Noah) [Nuh]
  7. Soldiers
    1. How to Feel About Events; Good or Bad
      Chapter-8 (Spoils of War) [Al-Anfal]
    2. What Brings Victory
      Chapter-48 (Victory) [Al-Fath]
    3. Enlisted
      Chapter-61 (Formations) [As-Saff]
    4. Preparation for Battle
      Chapter-81 (The Folding Up) [At-Takwir]
    5. In the Combat Zone
      Chapter-82 (The Splitting) [Al-Infitar]
    6. Captured as a Prisoner of War
      Chapter-84 (The Cleaving) [Al-Inshiqaq]
    7. Officers
      Chapter-37 (Who Stand Arrayed in Rows) [As-Saffat]
    8. Regional Militias
      Chapter-39 (The Small Groups) [Az-Zumar]
    9. Five Branches of Military
      Chapter-79 (Those Who Pull and Withdraw) [An-Nazi'at]
    10. Self-Discipline
      Chapter-100 (The Chargers-) [Al-'Adiyat]

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