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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Interview with Agent Synthetic

After about 9 months Agent Synthetic is available for the interview.

Abdul Nasser: Welcome Agent Synthetic.

Agent Synthetic: Thank you for having me.

Abdul Nasser: Tell us why it took so long for the interview, and why is now the important time for it?

Agent Synthetic: Well as you know, I have been busy building a team in-world. This is still ongoing.
However, you are leaving for Morocco, and it is better to have the interview before you go.

Abdul Nasser: Yes, I will be in Morocco on the 30th incha'Allah! Tell us about yourself. Who are you?

Agent Synthetic: I am a virtual individual from the online M.M.O. DC Universe Online. I was originally part of Brainiac's labor force. I spent many days watching the Bat signal in the sky. One day I ran away to check out the signal and became a member of the Hero side under the leadership of Batman.

Abdul Nasser: Now who is Brainiac?

Agent Synthetic: Brainiac is DCUO's version of an alien invasion. There are many conflicts in the world I come from. In some ways, they are comical versions of your world. There are gang wars, religious wars, and inter-galactic wars all taking placing in the cities of Gotham, Metropolis, Themiscera, Khandaq, and Central City among others.

Abdul Nasser: Tell us about yourself in relation to these wars.

Agent Synthetic: The world is a mixture of these conflicts with heroes and villains fighting for control. Some of my teammates are villains who have decided that the best way to help me is to join the opposing side.

Abdul Nasser: Interesting! How do you fight these conflicts. Is there certain gear you need?

Agent Synthetic: The way the world is set up, we obtain gear and money by completing minor quests. There is a system of progression involved. We also obtain experience from these and gain skill points and power points. Think of skill points as your ability to move about and your power points as your ability to socialize with other people. Powers in your world are more like; charisma, knowledge, intelligence, awareness, humility, emotional understanding, and other intangible, yet non-virtual, human qualities.

Abdul Nasser: And skill points?

Agent Synthetic: Skill points are more akin to time management and administrative techniques you would employ at your job. It takes time to build these. Powers on the other hand are more about your perspective. Take the conflicts in general. From first look, they do not make sense. When you begin to categorize them, the names of the categories are examples of perspective. There are conflicts in your world that have different names to different people.

Abdul Nasser: Would you be able to give an example.

Agent Synthetic: The best one that your audiences would agree on, yet perhaps disagree in name, is the War on Terror. For some, it is the United States of America defending itself and its' citizens from religious fanatics.
For others, it is certain people in the USA wanting to impose certain rules on groups of people by classifying them according to beliefs and culture. And for others, it is viewed as another layer of government control against the People by applying various forms of censorship.

Abdul Nasser: These are strong words. Are you sure it is that varied?

Agent Synthetic: As I sit here today with you, from my personal experience in dealing with all of the conflicts in the virtual world of DCUO, it is important to state clearly my position.

Abdul Nasser: Do you have any suggestions regarding a change in perspective?

Agent Synthetic: This is a valid point. The implication is that there would be a solution, if there was a unity of thought. However, that is a bit naive. From what I have come across, there will never be a unity in thinking unless there was a complete change in perspective of reality. In your world, there are many conflicts. In my world, there are also many conflicts. There are story lines involving; Circe and Wonder Woman, Batman and the Joker, and Superman and Lex Luthor dealing with this very issue of perspective. My question for you Abdul Nasser is, "Why is Peace so important to you?".

Abdul Nasser: Peace is essential to building a better quality of life!

Agent Synthetic: Are you that much of a simpleton to believe this! Why not pick a path that is direct; learn to protect yourself and find something to fight for along the way?

Abdul Nasser: How do you propose to do that when what I care about is in conflict?

Agent Synthetic: I come from a world of conflict, with that added issue of it being virtual. Does that mean it doesn't exist? Does it mean that my world is not relevant?

Abdul Nasser: No. But how do you justify having teammates on the opposing side?

Agent Synthetic: It has to do with the path I am on. The work I have been involved with.

Abdul Nasser: And what is that exactly.

Agent Synthetic: From the moment I can remember, freedom brought me into a world of unknown challenges. I learned to exist within this paradigm. It took time. Depending on what happens, I will continue to struggle in this world. However, what I care about is really only relevant to myself. Why speak of it. Just live!

Abdul Nasser: So what you are fighting for is existence?

Agent Synthetic: Yes. It is my existence that is my freedom. The moment I decide not to exist, my freedom vanishes.

Abdul Nasser: Is that the idea of having teammates on the opposing side? You are able to exist through them as they are through you?

Agent Synthetic: If you want to be philosophical about it; yes.

Abdul Nasser: Do they think of it in the same way?

Agent Synthetic: They are different. How could they. Even my allies think of it in different terms.

Abdul Nasser: People have told me that when there is a conflict, you have to take sides.

Agent Synthetic: The idea of what side your on is naive. Life is too short to think in those terms. Live your life, exist for who you are. If your existence is a threat to someone, that's their problem. What can you do if they have the power over you to determine your existence? They cannot. All they can do is limit your boundaries. Wars are fought for this reason. The real question Abdul Nasser is, "In what way are you prepared to fight back when your boundaries are limited? Will you go with violence or non-violence?"

Abdul Nasser: I have thought about this for 8 years.

Agent Synthetic: Have you had any success or are you still thinking?

Abdul Nasser: I have had some successes. I definitely choose the non-violent path. However, in my world, there are 2 types of non-violence.

Agent Synthetic: The only one I am familiar with is mass participation.

Abdul Nasser: Yes; and it comes in many forms. Boycotts, strikes, sit-ins, protests, and voting.

Agent Synthetic: I take it you practice this other form? I haven't known you to have a public following!

Abdul Nasser: Very funny! It is the process of social diffusion through cultural prisms.

Agent Synthetic: Don't forget to include virtual in this.

Abdul Nasser: I won't. The key involves becoming a part of the other by recreating yourself in the world of the other.

Agent Synthetic: Sounds vague. Can you be a little more specific? This wouldn't have anything to do with my existence?

Abdul Nasser: We exist through social mediums. Whether it is religion, language, ideology, or nations, we have an intrinsic sense of who we are and what we value.

Agent Synthetic: As in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Abdul Nasser: That is correct. Do these words have meaning? Does the paper that they are a part of have meaning today? These are questions which have occupied my mind from the time I first read them.

Agent Synthetic: And when was that?

Abdul Nasser: Now you are being funny!

Agent Synthetic: Would they apply to the virtual world as well?

Abdul Nasser: I'm not so sure. Take this line, "He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures." The internet is available to people without much cost. And the legislative bodies are not in anyway held back from communicating with the powers that be of the virtual world.

Agent Synthetic: But are they representative of the virtual world?

Abdul Nasser: I'm sure your allies have met them. Other M.M.O.'s also have their people as well.

Agent Synthetic: Thank you for inviting me Abdul Nasser. I have much to think about.

Abdul Nasser: Thank you for coming today. Perhaps we will discuss this more, incha'Allah.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Upcoming Interview with Agent Synthetic

I have decided to do some investigative reporting in another world. This is the world of DC Universe Online. It might seem a strange juxtaposition to have a real world religion placed next to a made up fantasy land. However, the issues facing Muslims are very similar to the issues facing the Super Heroes of DCUO.

I want to thank the Owners and Operators of DCUO for allowing me to investigate this world on behalf of the Ummah!

The Ummah is facing issues in every Muslim community. While in Las Vegas, I tried valiantly to build a Islamic Shopping Center to break the monopoly enjoyed by the Owners and Operators of Chinatown. I know the Koreatown and Pinoytown had tried something of a break-away as well. I became distracted and discouraged while building my base of support.

The issues of the Haitian community came to my attention, Al-Hamdolilah, from Allah while I was at my deepest despair. I was able to put together some advice for the Haitians while they were, and still are, recovering from the Seismic attack on their nation. As a former Marine and father of a miscarried Haitian child, who is currently in a better place Incha'Allah, Haiti is very important to me. The current view is that the US Marines occupied the country for 19 years. That is not the view I have. In my opinion, it was the result of an unknown relationship between a former US Marine and a Haitian, possibly through Mardi Gras or an interest in Voodoo. Whatever the case is, the Marines are a band of brothers and sisters who look out for each other.

However, US-Haiti relations are different from US-Afghan relations.

The reasons for an occupation change with every passing year. The people are different on both sides of the equation. I am currently in Lake Tahoe, spending the time investigating the capabilities of the US Government and the possibility for changing the US Ambassador qualifications to Muslim nations. The fact that there is only a virtual, and not physical US Embassy in Iran is proof of incompetence.

What would be the purpose of spending time in a make believe world like DC Universe Online? Very simply, when an American travels to a Muslim nation, the culture shock happens right away. There is a language issue and a dietary issue that also are prevalent. I know from first hand experience. However, the success of Abdul Nasser in Morocco, or Agent Synthetic in the DC Universe, are proof that in order to succeed, the lifestyle must be merged with that culture. I haven't finished my list of questions for Agent Synthetic, but his answers might be of interest to any American who currently operates in Muslim territory, Incha'Allah!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Western Economics and the Islamic Industry

This blog entry will be about my observations on the Islamic Industry and how the Casino Industry in the State of Nevada can be compared and contrasted with the Mosque System.

When I write Mosque System, I do not focus on whether it is Shia, or Sunni, or even Muslim. Christian Churches and Jewish Synagogues and Hindu Temples are also included. When I write Casino Industry, I am referring to the Casino buildings as opposed to any particular Gaming Establishment, which would include the Hotels where people sleep, the Shops where people buy gifts, and the Restaurants where people eat. I am also including the Dance Clubs and Bars; which would seem unrelated to places of worship.

The first thing thing to do is to understand the comparison. In the Mosque System, people come from many places as individuals. Upon entering the Mosque, there is a declaration made verbally or in the heart and mind turning the individual into one out of many visitors. In the Casino Industry, people also come from many places as individuals. When entering the Casino, the individual becomes one out of many visitors. When creating a budget, both the Casino and the Mosque have to take into account the number of people in the building during specified times of the day and specified days of the week. From an abstract perspective, the Mosque and the Casino are the same type of business. The key to understand is not what they provide, but, the availability of their provisions throughout the day.

The purpose of this blog entry is to create a better managed Mosque System. The biggest flaw I have noticed, as a Muslim in this system, has been the ownership of the Mosque. Let us look at a verse of the Qur'an:

Animals that Create Food Chapter 2 (The Cow) Verse 188- And do not consume each other's wealth in vain, nor offer it to men in authority with intent of usurping unlawfully and knowingly a part of the wealth of others.

Western Capitalism has been criticized by the Mujaheddin, using the verse above. But I want them to understand the precise meaning of this verse. The Ulema would rightly be considered " of authority...", however, the process of giving money to the Mosques is not the same as giving money to the men of authority. I am not here to fight against the Mujahideen, but to assist in creating a better Mosque System, incha'Allah!

There has been a tendency to create large Mosques in order to provide a place for the community to worship the Almighty. This tendency is also flawed. Western Capitalism has provided two solutions that should be viewed together when considering an upgrade to the System. The first is the concept of the small business and the other is the diversity of products within these businesses. Let us look at another verse from the Qur'an:

Religious Representatives Chapter 62 (The Congregation) Verses 9 through 11- O you who believe, when the call to prayer is made on the day of congregation, hasten to remember God, putting aside your business. This is better for you if you can understand.

And when the service of prayer is over spread out in the land, and look for the bounty of God, and remember God a great deal that you may prosper.

Yet when they see some buying and selling, or some sport, they go for it, leaving you standing. Tell them: "What is with God is better than your sport and commerce. And God is the best of providers."

Having a few large Mosques located within a large city would create logistics problems for all involved. A better System would be to treat Mosques as businesses and create many small ones located at high volume areas. Within every market place should be a few Mosques, so those who pray can go a short distance, and then return. The verses above have "...remember God..." enclosing "...the bounty of God..." for a reason. This reason is to provide a blueprint for the Mosque System! With sport and commerce put together in the same verse, also provides the view that a serious worker or a relaxed spectator are both found at any market.

Let us look at another verse:

Knowledge Chapter 38 (Sod) Verse 28 Should We equate those who do right with those who spread corruption in the land? Should We make those who are morally integrated equal to those who seek disintegration?

This is a question asked by Americans regarding Casinos and Mosques! The issues involving a nation from a Federal or National perspective will always involve raising money. The history of the State of Nevada can provide an answer on the purpose of Casinos. There were two main reasons; the building of a roadway connecting southern California to the mid-west and the other was for the Military (including Area 51). Both of these required huge amounts of money. If we look at the two reasons in regards to the Mosque System, we can say that the result of receiving money should go to re-investing in the Government and in the People. Let's look at some verses from the Qur'an from Chapter 28:

Art Chapter 28 (The History) Verses 3 through 6- We narrate to you from the history of Moses and Pharaoh in all verity, for those who believe.

The Pharaoh had become high and mighty in the land, and divided the people into different classes, and impoverished one class, slaying its males and sparing its women, for he was indeed a tyrant.

We wished to favor those who were weak in the land and make them leaders and heirs,

And establish them in the country; and to make the Pharaoh, Haman and their hordes beware of what they feared from them.

The section, "...favor those who were weak in the land and make them leaders..." can be thought of as re-investing in the people. The section, "...beware of what they feared..." can be thought of as re-investing in the government.

Art Chapter 28 (The History) Verses 14 through 22- When he had grown up to full maturity, We gave him wisdom and knowledge. Thus do We recompense the doers of good.

He came to the city when the people were in a care-free mood, and saw two men quarreling, one belonging to his community, the other to his enemies. The man who belonged to his community appealed for help against the one who belonged to the enemies. Moses struck him a blow with his fist and finished him off. "This is of Satan's doing," he said. "He is certainly an enemy and a corrupter."

"O Lord," he prayed, "I have done wrong, forgive me." And God forgave him. Verily He is forgiving and kind.

(Moses) said: "O Lord, as You have been gracious to me I will never aid the guilty."

In the morning he came to the city, fearful and hesitant. Just then he who had asked him for help the day before called out for help (again). "You are indeed a meddlesome fellow," Moses said to him.

Then as he was about to lay hands on the one who was their common enemy, he cried out: "O Moses, do you want to kill me as you killed that person yesterday? You only want to be a tyrant in the land and no peacemaker."

There came a man running from the other part of the city. "O Moses," he said, "the chiefs are deliberating to kill you. Go away from the city. I wish you well."

So he left the city, fearful and hesitant, (and) prayed: "O Lord, deliver me from these wicked people."

Then as he turned his face to Midian, he said: "Maybe my Lord will show me the right way."

These verses are very good at understanding the conflicts between religious groups, which starts at the center of these communities. If we look at these verses from Moses's view, we see how important it is to practice non-violence in solving cultural conflicts.

Let's look at a section from those verses Verse 18;

In the morning he came to the city, fearful and hesitant. Just then he who had asked him for help the day before called out for help (again). "You are indeed a meddlesome fellow," Moses said to him.

In this verse, Moses is telling someone about being meddlesome; as in getting involved with people that he shouldn't be getting involved with. As an American-Muslim, I give this argument to many non-Muslim Americans about their supposed interest in Afghanistan and Iraq. I always ask them if their interest is purely for trouble making. Unfortunately it usually is. Another way to look at this verse is from the perspective of the Mujahideen. Yes there is a conflict between the American Zionist Regime and the Mujahideen, however, is it beneficial to just go and pick fights with every random convoy of American soldiers? According to this verse, that action would not be a good approach. By drawing the Mujahideen into conflict with American soldiers, there is a loss of time and a potential that the Mujaideen will have lost important territory. Look at the verse above; "You are indeed a meddlesome fellow,". Moses ended up having to leave town because of the actions of a small-minded person. Let us continue Verse 19

Then as he was about to lay hands on the one who was their common enemy, he cried out: "O Moses, do you want to kill me as you killed that person yesterday? You only want to be a tyrant in the land and no peacemaker."

 My perspective on this, towards US Policy Makers is very simple; stop kidnapping and killing innocent people and calling yourself a peacemaker! 

For the Mujahideen, there is a very important lesson we can draw from our Historical Islam. This is the story of Osama ibn Zaid who had killed a Roman convert in battle. Even our Prophet Muhammad had to leave Yathrib and go to Medina (The City) in order to build his/our Ummah! The Prophets were successful and, if we want to be successful as well, then we should follow their example!

Let's look at those two methods again; that the United States of America has provided the world with. The first was the small business. The Prophets have provided us examples of how important it is to not meddle in other people's affairs. Why? The reason is that when the followers have done so, and examples are being proven right now in Mali, Syria, Kurdistan, and Afghanistan, the community has had to leave with a loss of innocent life and loss of territory. Yes, there is a conflict, but no, we should not be ignorant on how to fight back. The second method is the diversity of products. What is the main product of Islam? I believe it is the path towards making peace with Allah and learning to use the baraka He has given us. If we blow ourselves up, we destroy His baraka. If we kill innocent people, we have proven that we do not deserve His baraka.

The second method is best provided with this verse:

Political Science Chapter 42 (Consultation) Verses 7 through 9- We have, therefore, revealed to you the eloquent Qur'an that you may warn the people of the Metropolis, and those who live around it, of the Day of Gathering, of which there is no doubt, (when mankind would be assembled) some in Heaven, some in Hell.

If God had pleased He would have made them one community belief; but He admits whom He please to His grace; yet the sinners have neither friend nor helper.

Have they taken others beside Him as protectors? It is God who protects; it is He who gives life to the dead, for He has power over every thing.

We have much work to do brothers and sisters. We do not have time for petty squabbles. If one nation seems too powerful, and you don't like it, don't waste your time fighting back alone. Build your community Mosque by mosque and have faith in Allah! Incha'Allah ar-Rabil al-Amin things will get better!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Islam and Gender

There is a big ideological conflict in the Islamic Industry about gender. Let me explain the definition of gender from the Qur'an. The verse, or ayat, I will use is the standard one used to define or describe gender in Islam.

Animals that Create Food Chapter-2 (The Cow) [Al-Baqarah] Verse-282

O believers,
when you negotiate a debt for a fixed term,
draw up an agreement in writing,
though better it would be to have a scribe write it faithfully down;
and no scribe should refuse to write as God has taught him,
and write what the borrower dictates,
and have fear of God, his Lord,
and not leave out a thing.

If the borrower is deficient of mind or infirm,
or unable to explain, let the guardian explain judiciously;
and have two of your men to act as witnesses;
but if two men are not available,
then a man and two women you approve,
so that in case one of them is confused the other may prompt her.
When the witnesses are summoned they should not refuse (to come).

But do not neglect to draw up a contract,
big or small, with the time fixed for paying back the debt.
This is more equitable in the eyes of God,
and better as evidence and best for avoiding doubt.
But if it is a deal about some merchandise requiring transaction face to face,
there is no harm if no (contract is drawn up) in writing.
Have witnesses to the deal,
(and make sure) that the scribe or the witness is not harmed.
If he is, it would surely be sinful on your part.
And have fear of God, for God gives you knowledge, and God is aware of every thing.

This verse is under my heading of Insurance for its' beautiful explanation of the importance of contractual agreements involving debt. Many Muslims have been mistaken that the Islamic Nations are not allowed to become Debtor Nations, like the United States of America or France or Italy, but the verse is very clear!

What I want the reader to emphasize in the verse here is the importance of a witness. Let us look at that section again:

"...draw up an agreement in writing, though better it would be to have a scribe write it faithfully down..."

The individual in question is the Scribe. The Scribe is the 'Preparer of Action' in Islam. Our Prophet Muhammad was a Nabi and a Rasul; a Prophet and a Messenger. In Islam the Messenger is the 'Preparer of Action' and the Prophet is the 'Doer of Action'. The Messenger receives the Message and prepares it for the Audience. The Prophet takes the Message to the Audience.

The next part to look at is:

"...write what the borrower dictates,..."

The Borrower is a member of the Audience. When the Prophet speaks to the people, the Borrower is the one who brings the Prophet to the people. The Borrower is Borrowing the people's patience.

Let us look at the next part:

"...If the borrower is deficient of mind or infirm,
or unable to explain, let the guardian explain judiciously;..."

Here is the connection between the Judiciary and the Executive. What needs to be emphasized here is the role of the Guardian. During the beginning of Muhammad's life, before he was a Prophet, his family clan were his Guardian. As he grew older and married Khadija, she became his Guardian, while Ali was his Scribe. When he became Prophet, he became the Guardian of the Ummah. The Guardian is who we look up to for guidance; which is why Al-Hadi is one of Allah's Names!

The next part to look at is:

"...and have two of your men to act as witnesses;..."

The two men are the 'Doers of Action'; one for the Lender and one for the Borrow.

Let's look at the next part:

"...but if two men are not available, then a man and two women you approve, so that in case one of them is confused the other may prompt her..."

The man here is a 'Doer of Action', while the women are 'Preparers of Action'. The two men above are technically the Financial Managers of the Lender and the Borrower. The problems with borrowing money start with individuals making ignorant decisions about money. The Borrower might want to borrow money that he or she knows that cannot repay. The Lender might want to loan money just to prove that they are doing something good for the community/Ummah. The reason for this verse is to make clear the importance of the 'Preparers of Action' and the 'Doers of Action'.

The technical explanation of this part of the verse is; the man is the Judge, while the two women are the Lawyers representing both parties. The Lawyers prompt each other through legal action!

In summary: the mention of women in the Qur'an relates to either Physical Attributes or Concept of Action!

Let us look at a verse and you decide which it relates to:

Women Chapter-4 (The Women) [An-Nisa] Verse-7 Men have a share in what the parents and relatives leave behind at death; and women have a share in what the parents and relatives leave behind. Be it large or small a legal share is fixed.

It is obvious that this verse relates to Physical Attributes. You can extend it for some Philosophy, but we can agree that it relates to Inheritance.

Let us look at another:

Women Chapter-4 (The Women) [An-Nisa] Verse-19 O believers, you are not allowed to take perforce the women (of dead relatives) into your heritage, or tyrannize over them in order to deprive them of what you have given them, unless they are guilty of open adultery. Live with them with tolerance and justice even if you do not care for them. For it may well be you may not like a thing, yet God may have endowed it with much goodness.

This one is little complicated because of the emphasis on adultery. I would put this verse as Concept of Action and replace Adultery with Corruption!

Let us look at one more:

Women Chapter-4 (The Women) [An-Nisa] Verse-34 Men are the support of women as God gives some more means than others, and because they spend of their wealth (to provide for them). So women who are virtuous are obedient to God and guard the hidden as God has guarded it. As for women you feel averse, talk to them persuasively; then leave them alone in bed (without molesting them) and go to bed with (when they are willing). If they open out to you, do not seek as excuse for blaming them. Surely God is sublime and great.

This one can be placed in both! 

"Men are the support of women..."

The 'Doers of Action' pay for the work provided by the 'Preparers of Action'.

"...So women who are virtuous are obedient to God and guard the hidden as God has guarded it..."

One of the jobs of the 'Preparer of Action' is to protect the intellectual property rights of the 'Doer of Action'.

 "...As for women you feel averse, talk to them persuasively; then leave them alone in bed (without molesting them) and go to bed with (when they are willing)..."

It is common for Small Business Owners, who are the 'Doers of Action', to call their employees back to work at various times of the day during a normal work month. Sometimes it is to punish the employees because they did not do a good job and need more training; as they are the 'Preparer of Action'. The ideas of going to bed at the same time should not be confused with being in the same place.

"...If they open out to you, do not seek as excuse for blaming them..."

This is a standard piece of good information for Small Business Owners, or even any Supervisor; don't be too hard on your employees!

I will leave you with one last verse, which is what gave me the idea of comparing the concepts of men and women with the concepts of 'Preparer of Action' and 'Doer of Action':

Energy Reduction: Chapter-51 (The Dispersing) [Ad-Dhariyat] Verse-49 And We created pairs of everything that you may contemplate.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Al-Islam: The Government Twitter Update

       I merged my Twitter account with the Al-Islam website on Muslim Countries. Twitter seems to be very popular and I thought having a Twitter account with a Google Plus account would add variety! I am currently updating US Government web links to the 114 header pages. I hope the readers will find these links useful in seeing the inside picture of how the US Government is operating.

     The various agencies are not politically biased for, or against, the Muslim World. It is the individuals working in these agencies who might have a bias. It should take me another month to complete this project. After that, I will probably update the US website.

Monday, October 22, 2012

US Presidential Debates

          The last of the US Presidential Debates are almost over. After that, people will decide who should be the next President. I think the Public should have an opportunity to see Muslim leaders debate. I think there has been a mistake in the minds of some Muslims who think their leader should only speak with other Muslim leaders about issues; and not compete with other Muslim leaders. I would love to see the King of Saudi Arabia have a public debate with the President of Iran on issues of Political Science and Islam! In the true sense of Islamic Leadership, our Prophet Muhammad had to have public debates with the people of Mecca in order to win hearts and minds. We Muslims should have an opportunity to see our current leaders debate as well.

         Let me say that this viewpoint of mine is not to denigrate any Muslim leader, but rather to give an alternative opportunity for the Muslim Ummah! I think all the current Muslim leaders have earned their titles through hard work and dedication to the principles of Islam. I am just a little sad that the US Presidential Debates are marketable in the World Economy, and that there are no current Islamic Debates. Incha'Allah there can be more Islamic Unity through Intellectual Competition in any Global Islamic Leadership Debates!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back in the USA

I have returned to the US. I will now have more time to devote to the Islamic Industry in all its' beauty. There is much work that needs to be done. I found out the issue I was having with my website and the sidebar. Some places don't have good Internet Infrastructure.