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Monday, April 22, 2013

Upcoming Interview with Agent Synthetic

I have decided to do some investigative reporting in another world. This is the world of DC Universe Online. It might seem a strange juxtaposition to have a real world religion placed next to a made up fantasy land. However, the issues facing Muslims are very similar to the issues facing the Super Heroes of DCUO.

I want to thank the Owners and Operators of DCUO for allowing me to investigate this world on behalf of the Ummah!

The Ummah is facing issues in every Muslim community. While in Las Vegas, I tried valiantly to build a Islamic Shopping Center to break the monopoly enjoyed by the Owners and Operators of Chinatown. I know the Koreatown and Pinoytown had tried something of a break-away as well. I became distracted and discouraged while building my base of support.

The issues of the Haitian community came to my attention, Al-Hamdolilah, from Allah while I was at my deepest despair. I was able to put together some advice for the Haitians while they were, and still are, recovering from the Seismic attack on their nation. As a former Marine and father of a miscarried Haitian child, who is currently in a better place Incha'Allah, Haiti is very important to me. The current view is that the US Marines occupied the country for 19 years. That is not the view I have. In my opinion, it was the result of an unknown relationship between a former US Marine and a Haitian, possibly through Mardi Gras or an interest in Voodoo. Whatever the case is, the Marines are a band of brothers and sisters who look out for each other.

However, US-Haiti relations are different from US-Afghan relations.

The reasons for an occupation change with every passing year. The people are different on both sides of the equation. I am currently in Lake Tahoe, spending the time investigating the capabilities of the US Government and the possibility for changing the US Ambassador qualifications to Muslim nations. The fact that there is only a virtual, and not physical US Embassy in Iran is proof of incompetence.

What would be the purpose of spending time in a make believe world like DC Universe Online? Very simply, when an American travels to a Muslim nation, the culture shock happens right away. There is a language issue and a dietary issue that also are prevalent. I know from first hand experience. However, the success of Abdul Nasser in Morocco, or Agent Synthetic in the DC Universe, are proof that in order to succeed, the lifestyle must be merged with that culture. I haven't finished my list of questions for Agent Synthetic, but his answers might be of interest to any American who currently operates in Muslim territory, Incha'Allah!

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