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The Legislature
What is Unknown
  1. Knowledge
    Chapter-38 (Sod) [Sod]
  2. Justice
    Chapter-20 (Ta Ha) [Ta Ha]
  3. Money
    Chapter-36 (Ya Seen) [Ya Seen]
  4. War
    Chapter-50 (Qof) [Qof]
  5. Methodology
    Chapter-41 (Ha Meem) [Ha Meem]
What is Known
  1. Art
    Chapter-28 (The History) [Al-Qasas]
  2. Science
    Chapter-98 (The Clear Proof) [Al-Bayyinah]
  3. Philosophy
    Chapter-69 (The Concrete Reality) [Al-Haqqah]
What is Learned
  1. Political Science
    Chapter-42 (Consultation) [Ash-Shura]
  2. Economics
    Chapter-55 (The Beneficent) [Ar-Rahman]
  3. Literature
    Chapter-68 (The Pen) [Al-Qalam]
  4. Patience
    Chapter-80 (He Made a Wry Face) ['Abasa]
  5. Authority and Elections
    Chapter-87 (The Most High) [Al-A'la]
  6. Authority and Protests
    Chapter-97 (Determination) [Al-Qadr]
  7. Ethics
    Chapter-110 (Help) [An-Nasr]
  8. Brotherhood and Sisterhood
    Chapter-112 (Pure Faith) [Al-Ikhlas]
  9. Communication
    Chapter-26 (The Poets) [Ash-Shu'ara']
  10. Guidance
    Chapter-1 (The Prologue) [Al-Fatihah]
Women Chapter-4
(The Women) [An-Nisa]
And when any tidings of peace or war come to them
they spread the news around.
Had they gone to the Prophet
or those in authority among them,
then those who check and scrutinize would have known it.
And but for the favor of God and His mercy
you would certainly have followed Satan,
except a few.