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  1. Daily Routine
    1. Obligatory Research
      Chapter-32 (Adoration) [As-Sajdah]
    2. Code of Ethics
      Chapter-45 (The Kneeling) [Al-Jathiyah]
    3. First Prayer
      Chapter-93 (Early Hours of Morning) [ Ad-Duha]
    4. Second Prayer
      Chapter-113 (The Rising Day) [Al-Falaq]
    5. Third Prayer
      Chapter-103 (Time and Age) [Al-'Asr]
    6. Fourth Prayer
      Chapter-89 (The Dawn) [Al-Fajr]
    7. Fifth Prayer
      Chapter-92 (The Night-92) [Al-Lail]
  1. Administration
    1. State Calendars
      Chapter-53 (The Star) [An-Najm]
    2. Lunar Calendars
      Chapter-54 (The Moon) [Al-Qamar]
    3. Solar Calendars
      Chapter-91 (The Sun) [Ash-Shams]
    4. Political Calendars
      Chapter-85 (Signs of the Zodiac) [Al-Buruj]
    5. Individual Calendars
      Chapter-86 (The Night Star) [At-Tariq]
  1. Location
    1. Insurance
      1. Value per Person
        Chapter-78 (The Announcement) [An-Naba']
      2. Item Insured
        Chapter-9 (Repentance) [At-Taubah]
      3. Credit Rating
        Chapter-94 (The Opening Up) [Al-Inshirah]
    2. Welfare
      1. Emergency Funding
        Chapter-56 (The Inevitable) [Al-Waqi'ah]
      2. Emergency Management
        Chapter-88 (The Overpowering) [Al-Ghashiyah]
      3. Emergency Administration
        Chapter-101 (The Calamity) [Al-Qari'ah]
  2. Movement
    1. Individual
      Chapter-22 (The Pilgrimage) [Al-Hajj]
    2. Public Transportation
      Chapter-59 (Confrontation) [Al-Hashr]
  1. Legislature
    Chapter-25 (The Criterion) [Al-Furqan]
  2. Judiciary
    Chapter-65 (The Divorce) [At-Talaq]
  3. Executive
    Chapter-83 (The Defrauders) [At-Tatfif]
  4. Anthropostasis
    Chapter-66 (Prohibition) [At-Tahrim]

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