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Monday, October 22, 2012

US Presidential Debates

          The last of the US Presidential Debates are almost over. After that, people will decide who should be the next President. I think the Public should have an opportunity to see Muslim leaders debate. I think there has been a mistake in the minds of some Muslims who think their leader should only speak with other Muslim leaders about issues; and not compete with other Muslim leaders. I would love to see the King of Saudi Arabia have a public debate with the President of Iran on issues of Political Science and Islam! In the true sense of Islamic Leadership, our Prophet Muhammad had to have public debates with the people of Mecca in order to win hearts and minds. We Muslims should have an opportunity to see our current leaders debate as well.

         Let me say that this viewpoint of mine is not to denigrate any Muslim leader, but rather to give an alternative opportunity for the Muslim Ummah! I think all the current Muslim leaders have earned their titles through hard work and dedication to the principles of Islam. I am just a little sad that the US Presidential Debates are marketable in the World Economy, and that there are no current Islamic Debates. Incha'Allah there can be more Islamic Unity through Intellectual Competition in any Global Islamic Leadership Debates!

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