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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Business update

Updated section on

Businesses: Chapter-35 (The Originator) [Al-Fatir]

 Verse-29 Surely those who read the Book of God,
are firm in devotion,
and spend of what We have given them in secret or openly,
can hope for a commerce that will not decline,


I view this verse as the central verse for business development. Sometimes this verse is translated as the Angels, which is why it located under Classification of Legal Entities. I translate this verse into American English as Business because in America, Corporate America, the Business is the central place of Social Interaction. When an individual needs assistance, it is recognized by the business community, even if the individual is not helped. Allah teaches us, in this verse, that our commerce, which is our way of business, is based on our knowledge from reading, and our practice of that knowledge; which will be evident in how we devote our lives to Islam!

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