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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Website on the United States of America

I created another website on the United States of America. The purpose was for two reasons. The first reason was to give Muslims a better understanding of the USA, without being misled by misguided, and disillusioned, people. The other reason was to help myself learn more about my country. I don't believe my Country is at fault; only the people who are in control, and therefore, it is those people who are to blame.

Normal Homes for Animals
(The Apartments)
If two groups of believers come
to fight one another,
promote peace between them.
Then if one of them turns aggressive
against the other,
fight against the aggressive party
till it returns to God's authority.
If it does so,
make peace among them equitably
and be impartial.
Verily God loves those who are just.

Currently, there is a conflict between the U.S. Government and various Muslim Organizations. I called this website Naskun fi'l Qur'an. Roughly translated as, "We live in the Qur'an". It doesn't mean to live like the Qur'an is a house, but rather, the place of refuge for our minds! The Qur'an is the place where we build our internal strength! I don't like the two current theories of Islam: the political version (adopted by the Ikhwan and Hezbollah), and the social version (adopted by Saudi Arabia [the Sunnah as perfection] and Iran [Guardianship of the Jurist]). These will not work for American-Muslims; nor will it work for Muslims who live in non-Muslim countries. The one that will work must be based off of this verse:

(Ha Meem) 
[Ha Meem] 
He placed firm stabilizers
 rising above its surface, 
blessed it with plenty and growth, 
and ingrained the means of growing its food within it, 
sufficient for all seekers, 
in four spans.

 In many ways, this verse represents the American-Muslim community. We have plenty of resources and the American Economy allows Muslim-Americans the opportunity to grow as a unified community. What is ingrained is the means, but not necessarily the will, to grow our own internal economy; in the same way as other groups in America. The seekers are those who request the help of the American-Muslim community. For example; Palestinians, or Chechnyans, or Kashmiris, or Kurds, or other disenfranchised Muslim communities. The four spans can also represent the four layers of Government; the Legislature, the Judiciary, the Executive, and the Anthropostasis.

Another verse is this:

Those with Authority Chapter-21 (The Prophets) [Al-Anbiya'] Verse-31 We placed stabilizers in the earth so that as it revolved with them you lived undisturbed; and We provided passageways between them so that men may find their way;

This verse gives an explanation about the people who bring stability and networks like; Facebook and Google+, while in the past it was Mail and Telephones; still in use of course!

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