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Friday, April 13, 2012

Nation-States of Islam not Represented

I have a variety of reasons for not representing certain Nation-States of Islam.These are;

1. Chechnya
2. Kashmir
3. Kurdistan
4. Mindanao
5. Singapore
6. Brunei-dar-As-Salam

Chechnya is not represented because they have not been successful in promoting an Eastern European Cultural Paradigm for Muslim Nation-States. Instead, Chechnya's personal grudge against the Soviets allowed the Western European Cultural Paradigm to dominate; especially in the Arab League. As a side effect; the dynamic within the Arab League allowed Osama Bin Laden his freedom to express anger and hostility at the non-Muslim world. Another side effect was the break-up of the Soviet Union! What would have happened, say in Afghanistan, if Chechnya chose another path? Some people blame the Taliban for the fall of the Soviet Union. I place it at the political dynamic between Chechnya and Russia: two of the member states of the Soviet.

Kashmir is not represented because they have not been successful in creating the 4th point of contact with India. The 4 points being; Pakistan, Maldives, Bangladesh, and Kashmir. The 4 contact points of Islam keep India safe. Currently, India is under pressure from China. There is an economic war involving the two countries. The role of the 4 contact countries is to prevent a military invasion of India. There is an interesting theory connecting; Hindu Theology, Buddha, Newton's falling apple, and Leibniz's sketches! The essential creation of Calculus for Western Mathematics involves Isaac Newton's "Natural Philosophy of the Principles of Mathematics" (which I read in English). Some of the pictures are believed to have been first drawn by Gottfried Leibniz. The question was phrased as; "How to calculate the change in speed of a tiny ball (Monad to use Leibniz's terminology) going down a curved path?" From my basic study of Hindu Theology, there is a basic principle of change and wheels, or circles, that represent that change. And from my basic study of the History of Buddhism; Buddha's solution to that was to emphasize the apparent contradiction of observing the change through a static window, or perception. Putting these pieces together, I think of the Political Change of the Global World as beneficial to India: IF and ONLY IF the Indian Wheel of Islam is allowed to exist. I cannot place all the blame on Kashmir, but, this non-existence of the the Wheel is why I cannot place Kashmir (even though I personally recognize the country) on the website.

Kurdistan is not represented because of the failure of the Kurdish leaders to successfully build an internal "Kurdish" economy. There is a similarity between the American State of Nevada and Kurdistan, notably in it's place in Modern Islamic Economics, however, Nevada would not exist without the Hotel Industry; regardless of the Silver Mines. For Kurdistan to become successful, it needs to a few things;
1. Create an Independent and Unique Muslim Economy- Meaning an Economy that is Unique in the O.I.C.
2. Be the Political Bridge between; Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia- Iraq cannot do it because of it's Unique History in Islam.
3. Promote a Kurdish version of Islam- Some may disagree with the Politics, but who would have heard of the Saudi's if wasn't for Abdul Wahab? Out of curiosity, anyone know who Shaykh 'Adi ibn Musafir al-Umawi was?
4. Equal Education for the Women- One of the ways I judge the strength of a Muslim Nation-State is on the overall education of the women. I currently place Morocco as number one because the King let's Moroccan Women spread Islam on their own. Said Elakhal has a very good presentation on this.

Mindanao is not represented because of their failure to promote their policies in the west. When American's see anything about the Philippines,  it is either about World War 2 or the Easter Festival. World War 2 was a historical event for the Philippines because of the Island Hopping Campaign by the American General Douglas MacArthur. It's Catholic History involves the Adventures of the Europeans. Spain brought Christianity to the Philippines. After the Spanish-American War, the United States became the Financial Sponsor. The Japanese tried to influence and lost. The Arabs and Chinese are currently fighting for influence as well. Mindanao, as an independent country, looks very similar to Greece. It might not have a financial debt, but, it appears to have a cultural debt. Mindanao could form itself as part of a Federation; specifically as the Philippines' Representative of Islam. The only question would be, "How would Mindanao take the lead in building this Federation?".

Singapore and Brunei dar As-Salam are not represented because they appear more like Economic Cities of Political Influence. If I wanted to learn about Malaysia, I think Singapore would give me a more balance history. The same goes for Indonesia. If you look on Google Earth for Singapore, it is reasonable to see the relationship with Malaysia. Go a step further, and you will find information on the dynamic between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (Very similar to Tel Aviv and Al-Quds; which by the way brings up a common derogatory comparison between Chinese and Arabs.) If you look at a map for Brunei however, you will see it surrounded by Malaysian land. From an American Perception, which is the one I have, Malaysia is pro-America and Indonesia is anti-America. Brunei, having a similar system with Indonesia, would fall into that category. My personal view is to recognize both. I don't know what the future will be for Singapore or Brunei dar As-Salam, but, I hope that they are able to maintain a Unique form of existence. If not, then I would not be surprised if they become Cities of Invasion. Baghdad and Al-Quds are both Cities of Invasion, and the current occupation of both should give the leaders of Singapore and Brunei something to think about.

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