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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Upcoming Blogs

I have three blogs that I will be, incha'Allah, writing. I have a full time job, so it has been taking me some time to build up the correct perspective. The first blog is called the Swords of Ijtihad. This blog will cover topics of the first Sahaba to our Prophet Rasul-Allah Mustafa Muhammad. One friend who has been taking me some time to understand is Zayd Ibn Thabit and Chapter 25 Courts of the Legislature Verse 33-

Verse-33 There is not an example they advance
to which We do not give you a right answer and a better explanation.

The second blog will be, incha'Allah, on the mistake of Osama Bin Laden on behalf of the Ummah, and his misplaced value of American-Muslims. This verse of the Qur'an comes to mind; Chapter 33 Ethnic Representatives Verse 22-

Verse-22 When the faithful saw (the armies of) the allied tribes, they said:
"This is what God and His Apostle had promised us;
and God and His Apostle say the truth;" and this enhanced their faith and obedience.

The third blog, incha'Allah, will be on the Ummah as a nation, and the issues of Citizen Responsibility. This verse is constantly in my mind; Chapter 43 Retail Verse 18-

Verse-18 Can one who has been raised on ornaments
and cannot present her case coolly in a dispute (be associated with God?)

Incha'Allah I will be able to write these before next Friday! May Allah bless all readers, regardless of their faith.

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