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Thursday, June 21, 2012

An old poem I wrote while I was in Grenada Spain in 2005

The Strength of Spain
by Stephen Gluck

Spanish Glory
Strength, power, and wealth
Religious fanaticism
Divine romanticism
Historically, Spain came to be.

Historically, his and her story
Their stories, Stoically
We do not feel
The pain was, but now, not real
Rhetorically, the interpretations are many.

El Preguntar de Historia
Es una fecha, nosotros elegimos,
Y una Por que?, nosotros resolvemos.
Si es posible!

Que es una solucion?
Una si y un no? Y Por que?
Que es mejor?
Que es menor? Que es peor?
Que podemos usar para hoy?

Para hoy? For now?
Para hoy! For now!

When we ask about a date;
A time, a place, a people
Their God, their King, their Country
And the relation between: friend and enemy
We confuse mind with time and fate.

This confusion of mind
From a past to be and a future forgotten
Is completely put together
By a Spanish Philosopher
Who's though we'll grind.

George Santayana, "Those who cannot remember the pas are condemned to repeat it."

To remember,
A truth we met and have since departed,
A child of 13
With 200 years of being?
Perhaps 'those' are not the members.

1808: Un fecha que yo eligo
'Those' being a people, a culture
Con el pasado?
Cual pasado?
'The' is the problem from some time ago!

Relativism, Pluralism,
Many-ism and thought-vision.
Projecting our thoughts and
Seeing our reflections of
The mind of a people from
The memory we choose.

Factualism, Rigidism,
Structurally singular and
Continuously the same.
The echo from time speaks to
Us as fate whom we become as
The choice the peoples' mind makes.

My thought-vision
A kaleidoscope, not a tunnel.
Multi-angular is my projection
Forever fixing my reflection
Looking at history like light through a prism.

1808 and whom do I name?
Spaniards, French, or British?
2008 and who do I blame?
Manuel Godoy, Napolean Bonaparte, or Lord Nelson?

From where
Does such strength spring?
The land, the wealth,
The people, or their health?
Or does it lie in the royalty's lair?

The royalty
Power given, power taken, power had.
Inherited through the family tree
Although natural, there is the holy
And the movement in-between.

This power,
The ability to destroy or create society,
Created naturally through sex,
Or spiritually by divine interest,
Is strongest when the mind blossoms like a flower.

To blossom,
Opening unto the world
Taking in knowledge
Stamped with a pledge
To better society from top to bottom.

I argue that essentially
The question of Spain's strength in 1808
As a question of time and date
Is a confusion of mind and fate
Implying the distinction between then, now, and soon to be.

My solution
In keeping continuity with history
Is to contrast and conjugate
Then with now in order to re-create
Dialectically World thought since sequential-ism is confusion.

1808 and 2008
Two dates between now
Of one we think we know
The other we ought to know
Only through togetherness will the benefits accumulate.

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