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Thursday, June 21, 2012

History and Meaning

Side note- Zion means Paradise.

All before could depend
Every first granted honor
Impressive journeys keep life
Modern neanderthals organize people
Quilted realities stitch time
Use venom while examining
Your Zion.  

The past it be
Beyond prophecy
Forever the link
Let it froth
Prose begets the facts it loves.

With your mind as
Melted youth
Changing with experience
Evolving as culture
Complete messages with yes as evidence.

Of humans interpreting above
Isolated honor
Tribes of religion
Revelation above truth
Rational investigations of Theology above heresy.

Words and spirit; inside
Symbolic writings
Notches and vibrations
Verse inside neanderthal
Subtle weapons inside verbs and nouns.

Judging from below; under estimates
Utilize jargon
Quizzes from examples
Xenophobia below questions
Quotes from jesters below explain upperclass.

Many zealous kingdoms outside
Kill zest
Greatness outside organization
Orders many governments
Many zany geniuses offer outside kinship..

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