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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A form of Philosophy I use to study difficult questions.


Logic: Justice is the creation of good.

Dialectic: With creation, the beginning of what was once not, while to create with and being created by, inside a creation good exists.

Rhetoric: To say that good exists gives goodness or the assumption of amount and type, as though good can be measured, by whom and with what, although we observe good with our hearts by allowing our minds to serve that which we measure with thoughts, assuming also the kinds of thoughts measured by our hearts; of which value is placed and value does not exist as an object but as an attribute, of which beauty attaches to; that being the good measured by our minds which observes that which exists.

Dialectic: Good as value, attribute as beauty, thoughts measure in observance of existence. The understanding of this sits in active life under the thoughts of others which stand like statues yet the illusion of the mirage of sight gives life to these that create pictures which exist for these and become subjects for us. Subversive to our thoughts, the injection of ideas into our minds' eye creates the language we see as light upon light or the mirror of elusive ideas speaking to us in human interaction.

Logic: Good is observable through thinking.

Dialectic: Observation; serving the object with the mind. To receive truth through thinking by spiritually connecting you to it, with mode of transport as thought, brought only if an objectified subject, the thing being brought forth from out there yet in where the mind receives.

Rhetoric: To receive with thought the truth that's brought, connecting you to an other within your mind, and find that which creates the good is to assume you are separate from thought as though the separation between the unseen truth is different from the unobserved facts, even though a fact can be true or false yet exist by default the ought which is how our mind mistakes the good with the true and review the reflection of deflected reason to assume belief in relief of refracted effort; distracted in contrast to misinformed; forming a mistake taken by thought to interpret instead of hold on to; you contain with evidence the receipt of beauty with truth, giving good existence.

Dialectic: Existent good, that which is the after of what justice just was, the before being in essence within thought, while preceding thought the essence, or what is sensed of in beauty, and the being, or what is to be of truth, are one from the source of our nothing which we store in the memory of that which we do not know. From the not and into the thought, the separation of truth and beauty flow into the ready and steady of the want of the I, the living you who chooses freely to prepare of linking truth through thinking to and faith in that which helps our mood to place these gifts from what began as life unknown through thought with want and released as worth of social in-between.

Logic: The amount of our collective expression is the value of justice in our society.

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