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Monday, July 2, 2012

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I am currently in Morocco with my wife. The US Government; my Government has kept me waiting for 6 years and still they ask me for patience. For those unfamiliar; 2006 we met and I took the Shahada, 2008 fiance visa denied, 2009 we were married, 2010 marriage visa denied, 2012 in Morocco again! It is all part of that special diplomacy! To put it in clear terms, it is this failure of US Policy towards Islam!

I will give all of the readers an example from today. As my profile shows, I served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps. Yes, Semper Fi and all that! I got out before the 9 11 slaughter, of which I still blame the anti Muslim anti Islam intelligence agents for predicting a world of peace and happiness just before!

As my profile states, I am married to a Moroccan Muslim. Yes, al Hamdollilah and all that! I did it after the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, of which I still blame the anti Muslim anti Islam intelligence agents for predicting freedom and democracy for the people in Muslim lands!

Only days earlier I had gone to the American Legion to check on my credibility with the United States Government. For the record, the American Legion was the headquarters of the United States Freedom Fighters, also known as Marines. The purpose was no different than the Taliban of Afghanistan, or Iraqi invasion of Kuwait; to kick out the British!

But anyways, I was given a phone number and to call to speak to a respentative who will assist me in my quest for truth! I called and was given an email and told to send a request by email! I sent the request and was told I need a University Pass!!! For a former US Marine who is also a Muslim!

I think some changes need to be made; incha Allah.

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